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Your Therapy Marketing Plan, Part 2: Creating Effective Marketing MessagesWhen it comes to the success of your marketing, there is arguably nothing more important than creating powerful, emotionally appealing and compelling marketing message that connect with your prospective clients and get them to take action!

As we discussed in part one of this three-part series designed to help you create an effective marketing plan, successful marketing involves getting the right message to the right market using the right media and methods.

If you’re not putting the right messages in front of the right market, it doesn’t matter what media you use. The success of your websites, speaking engagements, direct mail pieces, advertisements, and so on all rely on the power of your message.

Now that you know the prospective clients you should be targeting with your marketing, it’s time to create marketing messages that communicate with those people as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In this STAR Training – part two of a three-part series designed to help you create an effective marketing plan – join Sean Armstrong as he takes you step by step through the process of crafting marketing messages that get your prospective clients stampeding for your practice’s door, including:

  • The importance of creating a Unique Service Proposition (USP)
  • The precise blueprints you should use when writing marketing copy – whether that copy is for a direct mail promotion, a website, an advertisement, a brochure, or any other media you’re using to connect with prospective clients and referral sources
  • How to write compelling headlines and structure your marketing copy so readers can dive in at any point and want to keep reading and learn more
  • Why and how you need to be using stories in your marketing
  • A live example in which an attendee haa their marketing copy “written” for them during the training
  • And much, much more!

Whether you’re just launching your practice or have been in business for years, it’s never too late to develop an effective marketing plan that allows you to reach and help more people, and grow your practice, efficiently, ethically, and effectively. And doing so begins with…

Creating Effective Marketing Messages


Your Marketing Story

Your 11-Step “Blueprint” for Creating Effective, Compelling Marketing Copy


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