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Value OptimizationAll business owners – including psychotherapists – are at various levels of STUCK. There’s just so much to learn.

Whether you’re just starting a private practice or have been in business for years… Whether you’re an author promoting a new book or trying to market online or offline workshops and seminars… From beginner to seasoned pro, we’re all looking to get better at what we do – otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this now, and I wouldn’t be here sharing this stuff.

And by stuff, I mean…

The System

There’s little to gain by understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords, social media marketing, Google Analytics, and so on, in and of themselves.

Yet you can benefit immensely from each and every one of these marketing tools and techniques, as well as many others, if you understand how they fit into a holistic marketing system.

All successful businesses have a system. And, believe it or not, that system is largely the same…

In this STAR Training, join Sean Armstrong as he pulls together everything we’ve covered to date and most, if not all, of what we’ll cover going forward into one coherent Value Optimization System, so you can:

  • Make sure you’re offering the right product or service to the right market
  • Know how to choose the right marketing media and methods to get in front of your prospective clients
  • Learn how to grow the number of prospective clients you get in front of, turn more of them into actual clients, increase the frequency of their purchases, and the amount they spend on each purchase
  • Figure out what you need to focus on today to create the success you desire tomorrow
  • And much, much more…

Whether you’ve been a TMI member for a while or have just joined us recently… Whether you’ve been actively marketing your practice or other products and services for years or are just getting started… We’re sure you’ll have at least one “Aha!” moment when you join us for…

Value Optimization: Overcoming the Biggest Hurdle to Your Success



Value Optimization Flowchart

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