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Using Email to Get More Clients on AutopilotAre you on any email lists?

Whether you know it or not, I’ll bet the answer is, “Yes.”

Whenever you enter your name and email address on a website to request more information, subscribe to a newsletter, access a free download, or purchase a product or service, chances are good your name and email address are added to that website owner’s email list. And with good reason…


Once a week or so you wake up, write a quick email, press the “Send” button, and watch the clients and sales roll in.

Could there be anything more satisfying than that?

Actually… there is…

Setting up a SERIES of emails ONCE and then watching the clients and sales roll in almost EVERY DAY… on AUTOPILOT.

And you don’t need fancy software or a large email list to start getting some amazing results from email marketing. You simply need a plan.

In this STAR Training, we’ll walk through:

  • How email marketing fits into the Value Optimization system and why it can be so vital to your success;
  • The tools you’ll need to set up an autorepsonder sequence and manage your email lists;
  • The simple, 7-step process to creating email autoresponder series that effectively build your relationships with prospects and clients and sell your products and services on autopilot;
  • Cut-and-paste email templates you can tailor to your specific audience and needs and start using today!
  • And much, much more…

These simple techniques have helped our clients and us generate $1,000, $2,500, and even $10,000 and more in a matter of days, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

And, better than that, once you put them in action, they’ll keep working for you each and every day of the year!

So, whether you’re marketing books, offline or online courses or workshops, or your psychotherapy services, you won’t want to miss…

Using Email to Get More Clients on Autopilot



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11-Step Blueprint for Creating Effective, Compelling Marketing Copy:

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