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Sean Armstrong

Sean Armstrong is an Internet marketing consultant, writer, publisher, and the founder of Kethyr Solutions, an Internet marketing firm dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online, and Therapy Website Success, a service dedicated to helping mental health and wellness professionals achieve first-page search engine listings.

Sean has two decades’ experience working in the Internet marketing, website design, and desktop publishing industries as an independent contractor, an employee of startups and a Fortune 500 firm, and an entrepreneur and business owner.

Along the way, Sean has consulted with and coached hundreds of coaches, mental health and wellness professionals and other small business owners successfully market their services online and off by using the power of proven Internet and relationship marketing techniques.

The impact has been great… Sean’s clients and students have not only brought in millions of dollars in new business but have been able to create the businesses and lifestyles they always envisioned and he’s partnered with his mother, Bea Armstrong, to create the Therapy Marketing Institute and provide even more health and wellness professionals the mindset, tactics, and techniques they need to create the practices and lives they desire.

While Sean continues to be successful and driven, he loves his Family and keeps them first in his life. His beautiful wife and and five-year-old daughter keep him grounded and centered and constantly reminded of what life’s really all about.

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