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Practice AbundanceDo you want to be successful in your mental health profession? Of course… That’s why you’ve joined the Therapy Marketing Institute.

Whether you’ve been in private practice for years or are newly licensed, the questions are often the same: How do I grow my practice? How do I reach prospective clients most effectively? Do I use social media? What’s the best way to network? What about online directories? Is a website mandatory?

What you may not know is that the answers to these questions and all of the success strategies in the world won’t make much of a difference if you don’t believe in and welcome abundance into your practice and your life.

Join Bea Armstrong, MFT, as she walks you through why your relationship with abundance is a critical ingredient to building the thriving private practice you desire, including:

  • What abundance is
  • How our unconscious beliefs about abundance get in our way and limit our success
  • How to recognize and heal those beliefs
  • How to welcome abundance in to your practice and your life

And, perhaps most importantly, how to make abundance work for you!

Whether you’re just getting your private practice started or have been in practice for years, it’s never too late to…

Practice Abundance


(Be sure to download the “Designing Your Practice” worksheet before the training so you can follow along and create your ideal private practice.)


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