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Making Online Therapy Work for You: A Therapist's Complete Guide to Online TherapyDon’t look now, but if you are a psychotherapist, there’s an express train of change bearing down on you! And, while change can be exciting… it can also be challenging.

The bullet train we’re talking about is online therapy.

Online counseling and therapy is already affecting the mental health profession in a BIG way. And therapists and their professional organizations, as well as licensing boards, are scrambling to catch up.

We’re all trying to address the clinical, legal, ethical, and technical demands of this high-speed innovation…

If you want to learn whether or not online therapy can help you grow your practice – or you just want to find out what all the hullabaloo is about – be sure to join Bea and Sean Armstrong as they cover the ins and outs of online therapy, including:

  • The pros and cons of providing online therapy;
  • Whom it helps and whom it doesn’t;
  • The legal and ethical issues you NEED to be aware of to keep you safe;
  • How insurance plays into the mix;
  • The technology and logistics that make online therapy possible, along with the pros and cons of specific service providers;
  • How to successfully market and grow your online therapy practice;
  • A list of links and resources you can use to stay on top of this ever-evolving topic;
  • Answers to any questions you may have;
  • … And much, much more!

Whether you’re ready to jump on the online therapy bandwagon and want to know how to make it happen on a part- or full-time basis, or you’re just beginning to think about this format, online therapy is a reality that’s racing full-steam ahead… Or, should we say, “full-electron?!?”   😉

Don’t miss the train… Register today for…

Making Online Therapy Work for You: A Therapist’s Complete Guide to Online Therapy


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