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Leveraging the Power of LinkedInDid you know LinkedIn is adding two new members every second?

That makes it the fastest growing social network – faster than Facebook and Twitter combined!

Yet, despite LinkedIn’s rapid growth, most therapists don’t get beyond creating an account, partially completing their profile, and then rarely logging in because they think LinkedIn is still just a place to simply post your resume.

However, savvy LinkedIn members understand they have access to the world’s largest database of affluent business professionals, with a total membership of over 330 million business professionals and counting…

But, does this mean that, as a therapist, you should be taking advantage of LinkedIn?

And, if so, how?!?

Join Bea and Sean Armstrong as they take a look at whether or not LinkedIn is right for you, including:

  • Why EVERY therapist should have a LinkedIn profile;
  • Precisely what to say and include on your LinkedIn profile;
  • How to determine where LinkedIn fits in your overall marketing strategy;
  • How to make sure prospective clients can find you on LinkedIn;
  • When it makes sense to use LinkedIn’s networking tools… And when it doesn’t;
  • And, yes… How to get more clients using LinkedIn;
  • … And much, much more!

So, whether you’ve been using LinkedIn for years, have already used LinkedIn to generate more clients for your practice, or haven’t even begun to dip your toe in the proverbial LinkedIn pool, be sure to join us for…

Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn



Cut-and-Paste LinkedIn Connection Requests and Responses:

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