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How to Create Highly Effective Landing PagesDo you know what a landing page is? Have you built one yet?

If not… If you aren’t driving traffic and prospective clients to DEDICATED landing pages to generate more prospects and clients… This STAR Training is for you!

Creating effective landing pages is a critical component of any online marketing campaign and in this STAR Training we’ll take you from zero to creating high-converting landing pages in no time, including:

  • How to use a “squeeze page” to generate prospects;
  • How to create landing pages that successfully market your products and services using text… And how and when you should use video instead;
  • The 11-step sequence we use to create landing pages that work – you don’t have to be a great writer if you get the sequence right!   😉
  • How to use headlines and bullets to dramatically increase your landing pages’ “conversion rates” and generate EVEN MORE prospects and clients;
  • And much, much more…

If you have one or more websites but aren’t yet using landing pages… If you’re running any kind of online ads – whether you’re using Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, or some other traffic source – or you plan to in the future… You won’t want to miss…

How to Create Highly Effective Landing Pages



Landing Page Creation Tools:

11-Step Blueprint for Creating Effective, Compelling Marketing Copy:

Sales Letter Examples:

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