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Growing Your Private Practice with Public SpeakingWhen it comes to getting out in your community, networking, being seen as an expert, and getting in front of multiple prospective clients and referral sources, there’s nothing quite like giving presentations and public speaking.

And, whether you’re just getting started or have been in private practice for years, public speaking can be an especially effective means of growing your practice!

And, believe it or not… it can even be fun!   😉

Join Bea and Sean Armstrong as they discuss how they’ve both used public speaking to jump start their businesses, including:

  • How to identify your target audience and use what you know about them to create the presentations they want AND need;
  • The one essential tool for giving spell-binding, attention-riveting presentations;
  • “10 Steps for Making Sure Your Presentations Are a Success;”
  • The logistics you need to be aware of, and plan for, ahead of time;
  • What to do when it comes to marketing your presentations and how to fill the proverbial house;
  • The one thing that’s guaranteed to get you more leads and clients … (Hint: It’s something we’ve talked about before but that’s still missed by even seasoned presenters.);
  • How to overcome any fears you may have of speaking in public;
  • … And much, much more!

You CAN learn to give highly-attended, audience-riveting presentations that bring clients stampeding to your door. If you’re ready to learn how, be sure to join us for…

Growing Your Private Practice with Public Speaking



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