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Getting the Most from Online Therapy DirectoriesDo you have a profile on How about other online therapy directories? Have you ever wondered whether or not these profiles are worth their cost or about how to get the most from these listings?

Everybody knows that visibility is one of the keys to successfully marketing your practice online. And online therapy directories can be incredibly helpful in getting the word out about your practice. But not all therapy directories are created equally. And the online therapist directories that are right for one practitioner may not be the best choices for another.

In this STAR Training, Sean Armstrong will walk you through the precise strategies he uses to help his clients get more clients and grow their practices using online therapist directories, including:

  • How to determine which online directories are best for you and your practice
  • How to make sure your profile stands out from the crowd
  • What you NEED to say in your therapist profiles and HOW to say it
  • The importance of tracking your results and how to do it quickly and easily
  • The kind of results you should be expecting and what to do if you don’t achieve them

Whether you’re just beginning to dip your proverbial toes into the Internet marketing pool or have been marketing your practice online for years, you’ve likely wondered about the effectiveness of online therapist directories in general and whether or not yours are performing as well as they can. It’s time to stop wondering and make sure you’re…

Getting the Most from Online Therapy Directories



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