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Getting Started with FacebookWith over 860 million active daily users and one in five of all web page views in the United States, there’s little arguing that Facebook represents a HUGE online market.

In fact, 20 million local businesses have already created Facebook pages to promote their products and services and take advantage of this vast marketplace.

However, this doesn’t mean Facebook’s right for you.

And, like everything, if you start marketing your products, services, or practice on Facebook without a plan, what you’re really planning for are hours of frustration and wasted time and effort…

In this STAR Training, we’ll share everything we know about setting up and optimizing a brand page on Facebook, including:

  • When and why to create a Facebook page for your business,
  • Whether or not setting up and maintaining a Facebook page makes sense for you,
  • Where Facebook fits into your overall marketing plan,
  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your Facebook page the right way… and get your page’s first 100 “Likes,”
  • Privacy and confidentiality concerns and how to resolve them,
  • And much, much more!

If you’re just starting out on Facebook – or wondering whether or not you should – this training is for you. We’ll walk through the process up setting up a highly successful brand page that helps you connect and engage with your target audience.

And, if you’re a more advanced social media marketer, you’ll still find value in this training – especially in the methods we teach to generate more likes for your page.

So, be sure to join us for…

Getting Started with Facebook


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