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Generate Prospects


Generate Prospects

This Might Shock You… But You Do Not Have A Problem Generating Prospects!

Nobody does.

Your website may have a problem converting prospects into clients. You might have a problem with your website copy or you might have a problem with your offer. You might have a problem measuring the traffic you’re getting to your website. Or you might not know how to value prospects and, therefore, how much to pay to get them, but…

… you DON’T have a problem generating prospective clients.

Google,,, LinkedIn, and Facebook (just to name the obvious), would love nothing more than to send you more prospects. Your search engine optimization firm would love to send you more prospects.

But you need to know what new prospects are worth to your business.

The Therapy Marketing Institute is different. We think about generating new prospects as being like a faucet… When we want some, we simply turn it on.

You can too. Nothing is stopping you.

But first you need to understand your target market, make them an irresistible offer… and you need to be able to measure the effectiveness of a given traffic source on that offer. We cover all that and more in our Turn Prospects into Clients series.

Sure… you need to know STRATEGICALLY how to drive traffic to your website and prospects to your practice’s door.

Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered…

Introducing: Therapy Marketing Institute’s Generating Prospects Series

Start generating prospects right now with our best prospect generation strategies:

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