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Creating Partnerships and Joint VenturesMany therapists and other business owners struggle with the question of whether or not to go it alone or set up shop with one or more other people. In this video, we’ll cover the various choices that are part of this decision.

However, setting up a group practice is only one type of partnership opportunity available to you to help grow your practice…

So, not only will we look at how to get the most out of being in a group practice, we’ll also talk about the other types of partnerships and joint ventures you should be thinking about and actively looking for and working towards, why, and how to get them started.

This video, originally filmed for another training series, may be one of the most important 15 minutes you spend in terms of learning how to use the power of leverage to dramatically grow your practice with a minimum of effort.

Everyone we’ve discussed this topic with has questions. If you have questions, ideas, or concerns, let us know what they are by leaving a comment in the section below the video after you’re done watching.



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