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Create Your Own A-Team ... Part 2: Manage Your Team Like the ProsWhen it comes to creating success, we all know how difficult it is “go it alone.”

There’s simply too much to do every day.

Even if you could do everything yourself, chances are you wouldn’t have the time left over to take care of yourself… let alone actually enjoy your success!

This is one of the main reasons why outsourcing and hiring team members is critical when it comes to creating the abundant private practice and lifestyle you desire. And it’s one of the reasons we spent as much time as we did covering how to find and hire the strongest contractors and team members possible in our “Create Your Own ‘A-Team’ … Part 1: How to Hire the Best People” STAR Training.

But, what do you do with your contractors and team members once you’ve hired them?!?

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs and professionals make poor managers…

Well, we’re going to remedy that in this training!   😉

Join Bea and Sean as they delve into the precise processes and systems you need to manage your contractors and team members like the pros, including:

  • How to bring new contractors and team members on board, so that they get started off on the right foot… from day one!
  • Effective management tips and techniques (such as how to give your team members what they want most so they stay excited to be a part of your team);
  • The exact online tools we use to communicate with and manage our own teams;
  • How to review your team members’ work and progress… and how often;
  • How to ask for and provide feedback… and what to say if you don’t feel your team members are working fast or hard enough;
  • Cut-and-paste templates you can use in your own business (including a sample welcome letter, job description, sheet of expectations, confidentiality agreement, and contact information form);
  • Where and how you can get started… today!
  • And much, much more…

Whether you’ve already got one or more contractors or team members or you’re looking to hire an accountant, bookkeeper, office manager, someone to manage your social media presence, a marketing or SEO professional, or even other therapists or interns to grow your practice, this training is sure to save you countless hours and thousands upon thousands of dollars by helping you build and grow a team that can dramatically grow your business…

Create Your Own “A-Team” … Part 2: Manage Your Team Like the Pros




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