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Attention: What we’re about to share with you will help you generate more referrals and clients, reach and help more people, and grow your practice faster and more effectively than any other marketing resource online. How would you like to…

“Discover Proven Marketing Secrets to
Generate a Consistent Stream of New Clients and
Create the Abundant Practice and Lifestyle You Desire!”
… and do all of this in a 100% ethical and AUTHENTIC way …

From the desks of Bea and Sean Armstrong

We’re not going to waste your time here with fluff or a drawn out sales routine. Instead, we’re going to get straight to the heart of what the Therapy Marketing Institute can and will do for you.

Here are just a few comments we’ve recently received from some of our members...

 Amazing Member Results
Marti Elvebak, MFT
“I’ve had 4 new referrals in just the last few weeks since redoing my site using your feedback...
Very good news!”

 Pure Gold!
Deborah Marshall, LMFT
“Thanks for the marketing copy. It’s pure gold! You’ve given me a lot to work with!
Very good news!”

 More Member Results...
Jim Arjani, LMFT
“Both Sean and Bea have a wealth of information about successfully marketing your practice. Since becoming a member three months ago, I have consistently learned new ways to grow my practice and seen positive results already.”

These therapists aren’t more intelligent than you. And they don’t possess some super-secret information that allows them to succeed. The fact is, they’re just like you. The only difference between them and you is they started using the techniques inside the Therapy Marketing Institute sooner...

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We know, we know... we’re only at the beginning of the page and you’re seeing some pretty big claims. And this sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? If we were you, we’d be thinking...

“Is This a Bunch of Hype?”

And you’re absolutely right to ask that question.

If we didn’t continue to receive comments like those above from our members as well as see the results with our own eyes, we wouldn’t believe this was true. Simply put, we know exactly how you feel.

So we’ll be frank with you...

The Therapy Marketing Institute is unlike any other therapist marketing or training provider online. So trying to compare TMI membership to something else you’ve seen or used is really difficult to do, if not impossible.

The Therapy Marketing Institute is a new generation of Internet marketing for therapists. It’s what we like to call, Therapist Marketing 2.0.

That may sound a bit cliché. But whatever it’s called... it’s psychotherapy and private practice marketing taken to the next level, and then even on to the next level after that. It’s really that much more powerful, thorough, and user-friendly than any other therapist marketing training course or service out there. Essentially...

“With the Therapy Marketing Institute, you’ll learn
how to identify the BEST CLIENTS for YOUR practice,
make sure your marketing messages EFFECTIVELY CONNECT
with those prospective clients, and ensure those clients
TAKE ACTION by calling and scheduling an appointment!”

How frustrated do you get spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and countless hours creating a website, writing content, submitting profiles to online directories, networking, giving presentations, and so on, and so on... only to find yourself wondering why you’re not getting more clients?

Do you ever say to yourself...

“Why can’t someone who actually knows what they’re doing just tell me WHAT I need to do to get more clients? Just tell me what I need to do... step-by-step.”

You know how important and valuable the work you do is for your clients. And we’re betting you feel tremendously fortunate to be able to help people create the best relationships and live the best lives they possibly can.

The work you do is incredibly rewarding... But it’s not easy!

You knew graduate school would be challenging... You knew the work you do would be challenging...

What you may not have realized was how challenging it would be to grow your practice to the point where you could focus your time and energy on the things that are most meaningful to you... Spending time with your family, doing the work you love (seeing clients), and having time to play.

You know you need to invest some time and effort into your business that doesn’t involve seeing clients. And you know marketing is important.

But how do you go about growing your practice in a way that’s cost and time effective?

And how do you market your services in a way that feels truly AUTHENTIC?

Hi, my name is Sean Armstrong, and my mother, Bea Armstrong, and I
founded the Therapy Marketing Institute to help you
do precisely this...

Grow Your Practice Quickly and Effectively
in a Way That’s Truly Authentic!

Let’s be honest with ourselves... the more you do the same things everyone else is doing, the less of a chance you have of producing above-average results.

Hundreds of therapists are creating new websites, submitting their profiles to online therapy directories, and paying the search engines for advertising space every single day, flooding the market with information and services similar to yours.

Don’t get us wrong. These things work. But for all the time and money we put into these systems, the results are often barely worth the effort.

The problem is not that you’re doing the wrong things.

Trust us, this is NOT your fault.

“Until Now, There Hasn't Been a Better Way.”

Many of my clients have struggled with these issues. Heck, even my mother and I have struggled with many of these issues.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist who’s spent the past couple of decades building one of the most profitable private practices in the country, Bea knows what you’re going through. She’s been there herself. But, for over a decade, she’s consistently booked 30+ full-fee clients per week, often with a waiting list, and all without accepting insurance!

As for myself, over the past decade I’ve founded several online businesses and invested tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours helping mental health professionals across the country create thriving private practices.

I’ve created websites, built e-mail lists, and published online newsletters. I’ve used search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media. Some of these marketing campaigns worked, and some of them didn’t.

Maybe you know the feeling...

Have you tried mailing postcards letting everyone you know about your private practice. Created a website? Attended some networking functions?

Have you taken workshops here and there and listened to the so-called “experts” talk about how you should market your practice?

Have you listened to your colleagues on the same subject, and thought that, while they each have some good ideas, there must be some easier, more organized way to go about this – without having to get an MBA?

I’ll bet some of the things you’ve tried have led to some successes... at least for a time.

But, chances are you’ve felt like you’re chasing your proverbial tail when it comes to knowing what works and what doesn’t and where you should be focusing your energies...

Thankfully, you DON’T need to go through all of this trial and error in order to be successful.

In fact...

Growing a Successful Practice Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult at All
... It Can Even Be Fun!

Now, I know that may seem like a stretch. But I never joke when it comes to having fun! Let me explain...

If you’re at all like me, you’d probably be quite content knowing you can make a good living by helping other people, while also feeling confident you can stand on your own two feet and provide for your loved ones.

It’s also likely that you intuitively know your training as a therapist and your private practice are ideal means to do just that.

What you may not realize is that, outside of the work you do with clients, HOW you market your business is the single most important determinant of your success.

Now I know a lot of professionals – therapists included – feel uncomfortable with the idea of having to “sell themselves” when their businesses are all about helping others.

But marketing is about MUCH MORE than simple advertising or sales. Marketing is the life’s blood of your business.

Think about it for a second... Other than providing valuable services and doing great work, what’s more important than marketing? Accounting? Finance? Insurance? Legal representation? All of these may help you keep the money you make, but none of them will help you grow your business, reach and help more people, and make more money.

But marketing is about even more than just making more money and growing your practice...

Marketing is about letting the people who need the services you provide know that you’re available to help.

You’d be doing a DISSERVICE by not letting the people who need your services know you can help them create healthier relationships and a more fulfilling life!

Successful marketing doesn’t require you to present yourself as something you’re not. In fact, doing so is detrimental to the long-term health of your business.

Effective marketing is not about having a website, it’s not about search engine optimization, it’s not about giving speeches, advertising, or sales.

And, although I may be an INTERNET marketing expert, I’m going to share a little secret with you...

You don’t even need to use the Internet to grow a successful practice!

Blasphemy? Maybe.

Does using the Internet make it easier to grow your practice? You bet!

But, ONLY if you understand the fundamentals of successful marketing. And only if you know how to use them efficiently and effectively.

You see, one of the core principles you need to understand is that successfully marketing and growing your practice is all about knowing yourself. It’s about building on your strengths, understanding and working within your limitations, and staying true to your passions.

Perhaps above all else, successful marketing is about building relationships... Building relationships with referral sources as well as with current and prospective clients.

In a nutshell, marketing is the process of UNDERSTANDING the wants and needs of your clients and referral sources and COMMUNICATING with them in order to help them achieve THEIR GOALS.

Once you understand that successful marketing is all about being yourself and building win-win relationships with others, the possibilities for making marketing fun become more apparent.

In fact, it would seem that most therapists should be natural marketers...

You know your prospective clients’ wants, needs, desires, fears, and frustrations better than almost any other business owners. You’re passionate about the work you do. And creating healthy, healing RELATIONSHIPS is the foundation of the services you provide.

So, why aren’t more therapists more successful when it comes to marketing their practices?

In my opinion, it’s simply a lack of education and understanding.

Over the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of counselors, psychotherapists, clinical social workers, and other health and wellness professionals create thriving practices by building a team to help my clients create effective websites, get first page search engine rankings, run pay-per-click ad campaigns, and write powerful marketing copy that converts prospects into paying clients.

Here is what just a few of my clients have had to say...

 Amazing Client Results!
Verna L. Nelson, MFT
“I am grateful for all the conversations we’ve had and all the help you’ve given me... The website has doubled my number of referrals this year! So, yes, I am grateful for who you are and all the things you’ve done.”

 More Results...
Sidney Mullen, MFT
“Thanks again for all you do. I get plenty of calls, and now my schedule is almost full!”

 Thank You!
Carol Campbell, MFT
“Thanks to your efforts, my website continues to draw new business on a regular basis.”

Helping mental health and wellness practitioners like you create the professional and private practice success they desire has become something of a quest of mine. And I’m betting you’re a lot like many of the clients I help every day.

Now, I’m not telling you any of this to brag. I say it so that you know we don’t just teach this stuff at the Therapy Marketing Institute... My mother and I actually do this stuff every day.

What a concept, right?

And along the way, we’ve perfected a large number of strategies and tactics.

More importantly, like any good scientist, I’ve documented each strategy and used them to create step-by-step tutorials, courses, and trainings for my team, so our best ideas could be repeated and rolled out to benefit all of our clients.

Thankfully, these tactics and strategies – as well as the underlying principles you need to successfully grow your practice – can be learned by ANYONE.

And many of them apply regardless of whether you’re marketing your services online or off.

You don’t need to become a marketing maven to succeed.

You DON’T need to know and do it ALL to build a successful practice.

In fact, once you understand the principles of successful marketing...

You’ll Only Need to Implement 20-30% of the Strategies and Tactics
We’ve Unearthed and Developed to Be Hugely Successful and
Well on Your Way to Achieving the Practice You Desire.

Just to be clear, the strategies, tactics, and training materials inside the Therapy Marketing Institute are all meat and no fluff.

These are the fundamental principles, procedures, blueprints, checklists, and techniques we use every day to help our clients and our businesses succeed.

In other words, they’re all about getting done what needs to get done. If you want theory or backstory, go read a blog post.

The Therapy Marketing Institute is all about helping you take the action necessary to grow the practice and lifestyle you desire, including:

1 How to create and maintain an ongoing marketing plan
2 How to create an effective brand
3 How to organize your time and budget
4 Whether or not you need a website and what your website ABSOLUTELY must have
5 How to get your practice listed at the top of Google’s search results
6 Whether or not you need to use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, and how to use them effectively
7 How to produce and host inexpensive and engaging video messages
8 How to outsource all the work you DON’T need to be doing but that needs to get done
9 How to create additional streams of income that allow you to help people without being stuck in your office

... just to name a few.

In the past, these strategies, formulas, blueprints, and checklists were our advantage alone.

But with the launch of the Therapy Marketing Institute, we’ve decided to open our businesses and make our cherished resources available to clinicians just like you!

And, best of all, we add new tactics, techniques, and trainings to the TMI library each and every month.

Seriously. Every month we’re adding new training materials to our library.

What can I say... we’re constantly trying new strategies and techniques... And we figure out a lot of cool, new stuff.

But that’s not all. We’re continually going back and updating our training materials any time we figure out a new or better way to do something. And our trainings get updated a lot.

Let’s face it. Change is the only constant in today’s marketing landscape. So we treat our training materials like living documents. We’re constantly innovating and updating our training materials since everything is housed in our online library and can be updated on the fly. Nothing gets old and nothing goes out of date.

And, if for some reason we don’t have an article, blueprint, checklist, or training on a topic you’re interested in, just let us know and we’ll put it on the testing docket and get it added as soon as possible.

So, why have we decided to share all this with you?

Well for me, because not only is it my desire to see all therapists create the success for themselves they help so many others create, but because I was raised by a therapist.

I was a teenager when my mother decided to return to school after a successful career as a journalist and get her master’s degree in clinical psychology. And, because I’m an only child and she was a single mother at the time, I often felt like I was going through grad school with her.

One could even go so far as to say that I was raised by therapists...

I helped a professional association of therapists with its fundraising events when I was a teenager and went on to serve them as an administrator while launching my Internet marketing businesses.

I started working with and helping therapists in my teens, and I’ve been helping mental health professionals from across the country ever since.

I’ve helped therapists develop award-winning websites... I’ve helped therapists write powerful website copy that consistently converts prospective customers into full-fee-for-service clients... And I’ve helped them use advanced Internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization to drive an increasing number of clients to their practice doors.

But that’s not all...

I’ve spent the past decade researching and studying with every marketing guru I could find.

I’ve spent months, even years, steeped in social media marketing, direct mail marketing, offline advertising, blogging, article marketing, video production, podcasting, and on, and on.

Given this, it’s easy for me to understand why one of the major hurdles many therapists face when it comes to marketing their practices is the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by all of the things they BELIEVE they need to do to be successful.

Well, you don’t need to recreate the marketing wheel, because we’ve developed all the step-by-step articles and training materials you need to build a successful private practice.

But, more than this... The strategies and tactics that make success possible are simply tools. And as tools, they can only be used effectively if you understand the PRINCIPLES that underlie their use.

That’s why we not only want to give you the step-by-step tools you need to successfully grow your practice, we also want you to know and understand the fundamental principles you need to succeed. And these tools and principles can be successfully employed by ANY therapist, regardless of whether you’re marketing a book, workshops, online trainings, or your private practice, and regardless of the economic environment.

I’ve helped countless therapists over the past decade and many of my clients continue to enjoy thriving and expanding practices, even during the course of the past few years.

And the vast majority of these therapists see clients only on a fee-for-service basis...

That’s right, NO INSURANCE!

Here are just a few more client comments I’ve recently received...

 It’s Like Magic!
Barbara Tener, Ph.D.
“I don’t know how you do it. Most months, I receive 2 or 3 new clients thanks to your marketing services. It’s like magic!”

 More Results...
Pamela Levy, MFT
“I’ve received at least one new referral each month thanks to your marketing services, the majority of which have turned into regular clients. Thanks to you, I am very busy!”

 Thanks a MILLION!
Jason Esswein, LMFT
“Thanks a MILLION, Sean! You’re the best! ... I wouldn’t ever hesitate to recommend you ... you know your stuff and I greatly appreciate all your hard work.”

You Can Grow the Practice You Want...
You Can See the Clients You Want, When You Want,
Regardless of the Overall Economy.

I’ve helped therapists do just this on countless occasions.

Which leads me back to why we’ve decided to make the Therapy Marketing Institute available to you...

You see, my mother and I have consulted with hundreds of mental health professionals over the years and have seen the vast majority of them hit similar walls while trying to grow their practices.

Most therapists were never taught a thing about marketing or running a business in graduate school.

And while many therapists have hired us to help with individual aspects of their marketing endeavors, all too many seem to lack the holistic view necessary to successfully market a business.

Educating individual therapists has long been a part of the work I do, but it has almost always been on a one-to-one basis.

Many therapists have asked me to share EVERYTHING I know. And I’ve longed to be able to do just that and help more mental health professionals understand the choices they have available, as well as why they should choose one marketing path over another. However, I was still reluctant to put such a program together...

For one thing, I knew what a tremendous undertaking it would be.

I also know that many mental health professionals are apprehensive about anything to do with marketing or sales.

And I’m more than aware of how easily we can get caught in our own tunnel-vision from time to time.

I knew that if I was to create such a program, I wanted to do so with a partner who understood therapists and who therapists would feel understood them.

Bea and Sean ArmstrongAnd I found the best partner imaginable... MY MOTHER!

Like you, she struggled to effectively market and grow her practice when she first got started. But she has since gone on to build one of the TOP mental health practices in the country.

In fact, many therapists now turn to her for advice and help with growing their practices.

Like me, she has always wanted to help more therapists create the abundant practices and professional lives they desire. But her thriving practice has kept her so busy she has had little time to help more than a few colleagues here and there.

So, we decided to combine our knowledge and experience helping mental health professionals grow their businesses, as well as our unique perspectives and senses of humor, to create a truly unique training and mentoring experience to help as many mental health providers as possible.


The Therapy Marketing Institute
Was Born...

Learn How to Get the Right Message to the Right Clients
Using the Right Media and Methods
Efficiently, Effectively, and Profitably, and
Create a Continuously Growing Stream of
New Clients for Your Practice

And do all of this in a way that’s 100% authentic
and DOESN’T take all of your time and money

Today you have an opportunity to join the Therapy Marketing Institute and get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to our library of articles and special reports, plus benefit from two unique perspectives: that of a highly successful therapist, as well as that of a self-made Internet marketer who’s been working closely with therapists for over a decade.

If you want to CHOOSE the clients you see, when and where you see them, and be paid your full fee for your services when you do so...

If you want to focus your time and energy on doing the work you love, as well as spending it with the people who matter most, while achieving the practice you’ve always envisioned...

Click Here To Claim Your Membership and
Start Creating the Abundant Practice and Lifestyle You Desire

But this isn’t all you’ll gain when you become a member of the Therapy Marketing Institute.

You see, when you join the Therapy Marketing Institute, you’ll also get access to our online, members-only forum.

Because we never want a TMI member to have a question go unanswered, you can ask any question you have on any topic at any time in the TMI Forum and have my mother and I, as well as other members, help out.

Can you imagine having the expertise of a psychotherapist with one of the top practices in the country, an accomplished Internet marketer who’s been helping mental health professionals for over a decade, and hundreds of other therapists at your fingertips?

Now you can!

You can ask us anything. Advice on your website, marketing strategy, shopping cart platforms, e-mail newsletters, which traffic sources work best, brand and naming advice ... literally ANYTHING!

We can even help you with testing your marketing, search engine optimization, and point you to the contractors and vendors we use to get all the “geek work” done.

There is practically no question that we haven’t answered and no challenge that’s too big.

In other words, as a member of the Therapy Marketing Institute, if you have a marketing-related question and you don’t get an answer it will only be because you didn’t ask.

You see, as a successful clinician and Internet marketing consultant, we’ve found the best model for successful learning is a combination of:

Studying and implementing essential concepts and methods that have been tested in the real world...
And ongoing support and mentoring with people who've already applied that knowledge successfully.

We’ve also learned that we all have roadblocks or difficulty following through that require support, accountability, and sometimes a little extra assistance.

That’s why we’ve structured TMI so that all of our members have access to the support, feedback, guidance, and accountability needed so you can make consistent progress toward your practice goals.

This ongoing support and personal attention is one of the unique features of the Therapy Marketing Institute. It can greatly increase the application of what you’re learning. And focusing on implementation is one of the key strengths of our program.

We know you’re busy. But we also know that consistently working ON your business while working in it is the only thing that will create the results you desire.

Our online question and discussion forum – in addition to our monthly articles, trainings, and special reports – help us make sure you stay on track by providing the SUPPORT YOU NEED to stay focused on achieving your goals.

Best of all, your mentors and coaches are an extremely successful psychotherapist and Internet marketer and business owners.

We fully understand what you’re dealing with, because we’re in the same trenches every day.

We want you to succeed! But don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few comments from some of our clients...

 You’re So Accessible!
Kathe Skinner, LMFT
“You’re so accessible! Great to know that when I have questions, you’re always there to make sure I understand. Your attention makes me feel like I’m the most important client you have! My own marketing takes a lesson from yours.”

 You Deserve Every Dollar...
Barbara Griswold, LMFT
Author of Navigating the Insurance Maze
“You deserve every dollar you receive from me for your patience and customer service. If you ever need a reference or a review written on your behalf, let me know.”

 You’ve Truly Blossomed My Business...
Mary Deger Seevers, MFT
“Your marketing services have truly blossomed my business. You are trustworthy, ethical, intelligent, and effective... A+ in my book!”

Remember, by joining the Therapy Marketing Institute, you’re not only getting INSTANT ACCESS to our members-only forum and our existing library of articles and special reports... You’re also getting access to ALL of our future newsletters and special reports, as well as some additional trainings.

Click Here To Join Now!

By becoming a member of the Therapy Marketing Institute, your investment today is just $14 ... less than $0.50 a day. A paltry sum, if you ask me ... especially when compared to what other programs cost or what you’re probably already spending (or will soon spend) on just one poorly equipped employee, contractor, or questionable service provider.

If the strategies, tactics, and techniques we share each month help you bring in only ONE additional client this year, would it be worth it? You do the math... How much is a new client worth to your practice? (If you don’t know the answer to that question, you have one more reason to join and find out!)

If you’re a solo practitioner, doing all the heavy lifting on your own, just consider what your time is worth.

If membership in TMI saved you one measly hour a month, would it be worth it? (By the way, if you answered “No” I have bad news ... If your time isn’t worth at least $14 an hour, you’re probably better off just working for someone else.)

Click here to access an entire library of strategies, tactics, and trainings to help you grow your practice.

Allow yourself to imagine how good it will feel to finally TAKE ACTION. And I’m not even talking about the financial benefits you’ll reap ... I’m talking about how you will feel when you’re finally DONE. The sense of completion. Now there’s a feeling we don’t get very often, is it?

And unlike all the other times, you’ll actually have the confidence to do something because you’re following tested and proven, step-by-step formulas.

More importantly, you’ll have the confidence to hand these strategies off to someone else ... knowing the work is going to get done right the first time.

Listen, as good as it feels to cross things off your to-do list because you completed them, it feels even better to cross things off your to-do list because SOMEONE ELSE completed them. We’ll show you how!

There isn’t much more I can say at this point.

Remember, by joining the Therapy Marketing Institute today, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to:

Our Therapy Marketing Monthly newsletter, jam packed with informative and actionable content and delivered to your inbox each month (these aren’t articles about what’s going on at TMI but complete, mini, step-by-step trainings delivered to you each month)
Special Reports, such as The Therapist’s Guide to Getting More Clients with Google+ Pages (a $79 value) and The Therapist’s Guide to Getting More Clients with Yelp (a $49 value)
Regular blog posts, breaking news, and other updates delivered right to your inbox as they occur
Additional trainings, such as our “Getting the Most from Online Therapy Directories” and “Search Engine Optimization Simplified” (these are information-packed, 90-minute-long, step-by-step trainings on specific strategies and tactics designed to get you more clients today)
Our members-only TMI Forum, where you can have all your questions answered at any time, as well as connect and help your fellow members (given we charge $200 per hour for consultations, this member benefit is PRICELESS)

But, all the courses, all the books, all the information, and all the advice in the world isn’t worth one thin dime unless you TAKE ACTION.

And, if you need another reason to ACT NOW, know that we’re limiting memberships in the Therapy Marketing Institute to the FIRST 500 therapists who sign up.

Frankly, we want to make sure all of our members get the attention they need and deserve. So, once we have 500 members, we’ll be closing the doors... And we can’t say for sure if or when we’ll open them again.

At only $14 per month and with a 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee, you literally have NOTHING TO LOSE ... Except, of course, the possibility of losing out on the chance to create the abundant practice and lifestyle you desire if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity.

So, click one of the buttons below and let’s GET STARTED ... We’ll see you inside!

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