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Open Office Hours – June 5, 2020

Where Do We Go From Here? – Part 2 Open Office Hours, June 5, 2020 The feedback on last week’s Open Office Hours Q&A Session was tremendous… And we heard from a lot of people who were sorry they weren’t able to attend… So, we decided...

Open Office Hours – May 29, 2020

Where Do We Go From Here? Open Office Hours, May 29, 2020 The counseling and psychotherapy landscape sure keeps changing! Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, a couple of months ago counties and states across the U.S. “locked down” and most therapists found...

Open Office Hours – April 3, 2020

Quickly and Effectively Market and Promote Your Online, Tele-Therapy Services Open Office Hours, April 3, 2020 Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands upon thousands of mental health professionals have found themselves scrambling to provide telehealth services to...

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