The Ultimate List Of Therapy Marketing Ideas

Need Marketing Ideas For Your Practice? Simply Use One Or More Of The 52 Marketing Ideas We’ve Put Together For You… And NEVER Run Out Of Ways To Get More Clients!

  • 12 fundamental marketing strategies and principles that will put you years ahead of your competitors and make sure you get the greatest return from all of your marketing endeavors…
  • 21 ways to generate consistent streams of new clients and eliminate lulls from your practice (“Affinity Groups” and “Creative Promotional Campaigns” are just two of the easy and fun ways you can build a diversified base of referral sources as well as set yourself apart from your competition)…
  • 14 simple ways to turn more prospective clients into actual, PAYING ones (Be sure to check out how to use “Recorded Messages,” “Reconfigure Your Waiting Room,” and “Calls to Action” to fill your schedule)…
  • Plus… learn 5 ways to keep your clients and prospective clients engaged with you and your practice so they refer to you more and more often!

When we need fresh marketing ideas this is our “go-to” document. I guarantee you’ll never be at a loss for marketing ideas again. Download it
              and use it… It works!


Sean Armstrong 
Sean Armstrong
Therapy Marketing Institute


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