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Attracting AbundanceAttitude Determines Altitude

“What we believe, we create.” I don’t know who first said that, but I do know that it’s true.

The brain is organized to pay attention to what the mind deems important. If we decide that we need a new car, then we begin to pay attention to the different makes, models, colors, options, accessories, etc. that are on the market. Once that car is purchased, unless we are hugely into cars, we turn that attention energy elsewhere.

On a larger scale, if we think that the world is basically an unsafe place, we will put a lot of attention into security, buying dead bolt door locks or arms for protection. We might choose to live in a mini fortress – a gated community, or one far from other people. We will vote for laws that we hope will protect us in many ways.

If we think that yes, there are risks to life, but that it’s the fun and adventure of living that attract us, we will minimize those security needs and spend our attention and funds on making the adventure happen. We will travel, try sky diving or zip lining, enjoy meeting new people – even those very different from ourselves. It’s not that we would be foolhardy and disregard our safety altogether. It’s just that we don’t make that need for security ever present.

As you can imagine, those two very divergent approaches to how we think about life result in a very different life, filled with very different experiences. Most people are somewhere in the middle on that security/adventure scale, and make daily choices, conscious or not, about which goal will take prominence at a particular moment.

There are many scales that I could name that are opposites. But the subject of these articles is abundance. And the scale of abundance is about having it or not. That too, is a choice – consciously motivated or not.

In previous articles, I wrote about the concept of abundance – what it means; where it shows up, or doesn’t, in your life; what you learned about it from your caregivers; and the areas of your life that reflect your beliefs about abundance. Important information, but the truth is wider, deeper than all of that information. The deepest truth about abundance is that it is waiting for you – you only need to allow it.

Ah, but here’s the rub – allowing it, attracting it, does require consciousness. The conscious choice to let it into your life. Just like you made that car purchase a reality by focusing energy on it, so do you make abundance a reality in your life by focusing on it.

What do I mean by that?

If you wanted to lose weight, you’d pay attention to what you eat – how much, the calorie content, the nutritional value – and the exercise you get.

If you want to allow abundance into your life, pay attention to:

  1. How you limit abundance;
  2. How you can open up to it.

Remember that abundance comes in many forms – health, happiness, financial wealth, love, etc. Let’s take happiness for example, and how you might limit that. Notice when you are in a good space emotionally. You might be thrilled about something great that just came to your life, or you might just be appreciating a beautiful spring day.

How long do you let yourself feel that joy, that sense of well-being? A few minutes, an hour?

What takes you out of it? Is it physical or mental? Do you “accidentally” stub your toe or remember something negative that you have to deal with or that someone said to you? There are a myriad number of ways that we can stick pins into that balloon of joy. Once you start paying attention to how you do that, you can choose to bring yourself back to that joy place.

And yes, sometimes – but these are few – something will happen that is very painful and you do need to focus on that. To feel the depth of it before you can bring yourself back to joy. But I promise you that the more you practice choosing happiness, choosing joy, like a boomerang, you will head back to it faster and more frequently.

Try an experiment. Just for one day, pay attention to how you limit joy. Bring your attention to all the wonderful things that are in your life – people, career, home, health, your interests, pets, activities (sports, organizations, travel), etc. Immerse yourself mentally and emotionally in them. As though you were immersing yourself into a hot tub. See how long you let yourself stay there. Notice what thoughts take you out. And then, choose to come back to joy.

Each time you do that, you are attracting joy abundance. And like physical muscles that get stronger with use, so do these energy “muscles.” The energy of abundance was there all the time. You are choosing to bring it to your life, to allow it.

If there are beliefs that start to surface as you do this exercise that are self-sabotaging, please explore and get help to heal those. I mean beliefs that say: “I don’t deserve so much joy.” “There’s something wrong with me, so I can’t possibly stay this happy.” “If others knew how happy I am, they would be jealous, wouldn’t like me, would abandon me, etc.” “Why should I be happy when others are suffering?”

And that creates an easy segue to two other aspects of allowing abundance that I became aware of as I did this work:

  1. Ask for help.
  2. Say “thank you.”

Being on Planet Earth can sometimes be a difficult classroom. What makes it easier is to recognize that we are all learning together and that we can help each other. But we have to ask for that help. I remember that I used to believe that God or the Universe, or however we think of that Universal Energy, should know that I need help and just give it to me! I mean that Universal Presence is aware of everything, right?

But I realize now that there are two reasons that doesn’t happen. (There may be more reasons, but I’m not aware of them yet.)

One, what would I learn if that did happen? Not much. I probably wouldn’t even be aware most of the time that I needed help. There’d be no reason to be.

Two, I realized that the Universe was respecting my choices, my timing, my learning. That we are respected as sovereign beings who have a right to create our lives in our own way. That in this way, we are partnering, co-creating, with the Universe. Would I want that to NOT be true? No way. I think it’s pretty cool, actually. And that from each choice we make, we learn that consequences follow – including from the decision to ask for help, or not.

So, I’ve learned to remember to ask for help – from the mundane (like finding a parking space when there doesn’t seem to be one on the planet or in the City of San Francisco!) to the more sublime (like choosing to show love to someone who has just irritated the hell out of me!).

And to always, always, say “Thank you!” Because when I ask, I am always rewarded. And often in ways that I would never have imagined, but that are always beneficial.

Saying “thank you” is very important. It’s an appreciation for gifts received that reinforces a sense of working together with the Universe. I struggled with that previous sentence, because that knowledge is difficult to convey. My experience has been that gratitude is a two-way street. As we choose love over hate, joy over resentment, there is an appreciation that comes our way as well. I’ve received that from messages like “Well done!” or “Nice going!” Yes, really.

We are all in the process of creating an experience of life on Earth. The more conscious we are of our choices – and that what we create is a choice – the more we can choose to create abundance all around us. And help others to do so.

Many others have said that in succinct ways. I’ll leave you with their wisdom:

“Whatever your mind can conceive and can believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

“Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.” – John Demartini

“Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you are right.” – Henry Ford

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